Meet Your New Student Senate!

Park Student Government Association election results were announced on April 18th. According to our records, about 200 students voted in this year's elections. 

President. Junior Max Mohr was elected President. Max's goals for 2016-2017 are to see more clarity among the students and the student government and administration. "We've done some wonderful things in past and I want to continue that", said Mohr during his campaign. He wants to become a player in the Park University's success and has ideas and qualities that will allow that.

Vice-President. Sophomore James Boyer was elected Vice-President. James will continue serving as Chair of Student Technology Fee Committee. "Advancing technology is extremely beneficial to the every day life of each student, as well as having the potential to vastly improve the educational impact Park University has on its students", said Boyer. He hopes to make as vast of an improvement to the technology at Park University as he possibly can.

Business Manager. Senior Madison Workman was elected Business Manager. One of Madison's goals is to make our campus more Eco-efficient. She hopes that her skills will help improve the communication between students and administration.

Secretary. Senior Grant Williams was elected Secretary. Grant wants to see an engaged general assembly of senators, as well as engagement from students that are not in elected positions. "Furthermore, I would like to see PSGA cooperate with other students and clubs on campus to complete a service project for area school districts that involves volunteering in classrooms and at local public schools", said Williams.

The following is the full list of elected senators:

Upperclassmen senators:

Aaliyah Brown
George Cater
Destinee Dale
William Henry
Alayna Howard
TuRuan Johnson
Ronald Lang

Michael Lim
Lu Lua
Rafael Marin Castaneda
Armando Moran
Thomas Murphy
Emily Raffety
Nathan Stegemann


Freshman Senators:

Olivia Biles

Devon Schrier

Ghislaine Fumey