Meet Our New Senators!

The Freshmen election results were announced on September 9th, 2016. 

Olivia Biles is one of our new elected freshmen senators. Olivia's goal is "to help make Park a place that prospective students will find more attractive when searching for an institution to attend".

Devon Schrier is the second elected freshman senator. His goal is to “to be a voice for the student body and to assist in any means feasible”.

Ghislaine Fumey is the third elected freshman senator. “I want to be a senator to be able to represent the freshmen class and multicultural students”, said Ghislaine. She states that her goal this term is to better at decision making as it relates to Park University.

Michael Lim is elected upperclassman senator. “I would like to be involved in school activities and well as to have a chance to give back to the community”, said Michael. His goal is “to improve the image of Park University around the nation by being involved in PSGA”.