Here are few things that we have done this year.


Budget Committee

1. The past PSGA Budgets were reviewed and findings were presented to the General Assembly on the April 1st. It was found that there was a two year decline (2013-2015) in spending from the Clubs and Organizations account.

2. The Budget By-Laws and responsibilities of the Budget Committee were updated to more accurately reflect current practices conducted by the Budget Committee. The credit for this accomplishment is between the By-Laws Committee and the Budget Committee.

3. In the Fall of 2015, committees began creating committee budgets using a handout created by the Budget Committee. The Spring of 2016 saw the full implementation of Committee Budgets for the first time in five years.

4. The Budget Committee made several successful attempts to reach out to student organizations. There was a significant increase in student organizations that re-certified and student organizations requesting funding in the Spring of 2016.

5. The Budget Committee successfully presented two Individual Special Funding Requests. This is the first time in several years that individuals have requested and been approved for special funding. The funding for Individual Special Funding Requests comes out of Operations and Projects.

6. The Budget Committee prepared documents and templates that will help the Business Manager and Budget Committee members for the future.

7. The Budget Committee created templates that provide guidance to active student organizations.


Student Technology Fee Committee

1. The first two laptop device rental systems in Thompson were successful, and so we are in the progress of installing one additional system in the Academic Expansion Space. It has been voted on by both the committee and the General Assembly, and should be installed by the end of summer break.

2. The game room project has been approved by the Technology Fee Committee, General Assembly, and the Spacing Committee. It should be installed by the end of Summer Break.

3. The OHLALA App has been renewed for an additional year.


Research and Development Committee

1. Group volunteer trip to Friends of Parkville Animal Shelter this year.

2. We attempted to do a school/cleaning supply drive for the HALO foundation at the end of


3. A successful survey analyzing PSGA’s visibility on campus. Haley wrote a survey to analyze if

campus knew what PSGA could offer to its student base, if students knew what PSGA did, and

had some general feedback ideas for the future. The survey went well and four students were

awarded gift cards that were used as incentives. We got a lot of feedback, but it wasn’t

necessarily all positive.

4. Successful magnet creation and distribution.


Environmental Committee

1. Environmental Committee raised funds and collaborated with other organizations on campus to install the new staircase and bridge that leads to Chesnut Hall.

2. We hosted a 5K in honor of Earth Week and trying to promote global comradery by bringing the runners together for a common cause.

3. We have focused on an initiative that would improve the recycling situation in Chesnut Hall by providing each room an individual recycling bin and installing a large commingle bin on each floor.

4. In cooperation with Pirate Fitness, we looked in to installing water bottle fillers on existing water fountains to reduce plastic water bottle waste on campus.