Research and Development Committee

The duties of the Research and Development Committee will be:

1. To review and assess Senate’s operations and research ways to improve its performance

       a. This includes a list of specific measures that have to be taken in order to  improve Senate’s performance;

2. To plan, promote and conduct the Senator of the Month/Year selections and awards;

3. To be responsible for Senate involvement in civic engagement and for planning all Senate socials;

4. To present a written and oral report about the quality of Senate’s performance at the end of each semester;

5. To visit the governing bodies of other universities, assess their performance and present a brief report to Senate;

6. To recommend to send at least two (2) Committee members to one of the annual ASGA conferences and prepare a presentation about what they learned;

7. To meet as determined by the Chairperson but at least once (1) a month; 

8. No less than three (3) Senators will be appointed by the Executive Board. 


Meeting Times and Locations: February 24th at 12:15 pm in Louis Morden Board Room.