Student Life Committee

The duties of the PSGA Student Life Committee will be:

1. To promote all Senate activities to the general membership;

2. To plan and direct all Senate sponsored social events except those presented by PSAB;

3. To act as liaison between Senate and other campus organizations when co-sponsoring social events and activities;

4. To direct all Senate Forums. (e.g. By-Laws, Article X, Section 2, Line A, Item 2);

5. To accept, review, and present to the Senate all suggestions and complaints of merit concerning any condition on campus; 

6. To seek information concerning student needs and desires through questionnaires and other means and to present such information to the Senate.  This will include the needs and desires of students living off campus as well;

7. To suggest activities that can better unite the various populations of the Park community.  This will include faculty, staff, administrators and alumni as well as students;

8. To hold at least two (2) meetings per month; 

9. No less than three (3) Senators will be appointed by the Executive Board.


Meeting Times and Locations: February 24th at 12:15 pm in Louis Morden Board Room.